What’s New On Etsy?

Well this cute scarf is:

colorful scarf  Click pic to see listing.

This handmade, one of a kind scarf is quite light and very soft.  It’s made of wool and acrylic.  It’s knitted by hand by yours truly.  It was an absolute pleasure to make.  I love seeing the scarf grow and seeing how the colors come together to create what the yarn manufacturer calls “rain forest”.  It isn’t very long – I’d probably call it a scarflette, but it seems that isn’t a real word, according to the red squiggles I’m now looking at.  It’s 4ft, 10in long.  I’m 5ft even and it’s the perfect length for me.  It needs to be hand washed and laid flat to dry, but really…. let’s be honest, how often do you need to wash a scarf?
If you like this, or any other item in my store feel free to comment.  I’d love to hear it.  If you’d like this in another color, fiber or length, drop me a line as well… I do take custom orders.
Have a great day!  It’s almost the new week…. let’s make it a good one.

Let’s Begin!

I’m going to use this page to show some of what I’m making.  It should be fun for me and (hopefully) neat for you.

I knit, crochet, sew and well… I do a lot of crafty stuff.  I don’t think I could list them all here without you thinking “yeah, I get it”.   I do have an Etsy shop and if I list something I think y’all (get used to this word if you follow me) might like, I’ll post it here.

If I ever post something that you’d like to try yourself and you have questions about how to do it or a specific technique I’m using, comment and I’ll get back to you and help as much as I can.  I love to share my passion.

So join me on this journey… I think we’ll have fun together.