So much to do!

So I’ve officially launched Stono Purls.  I got the City of Charleston business license.  I registered my LLC with the Secretary of State.  I filled out so many forms that I feel like I’ve signed my life away.  However, this will be good.  This will be great!  I figured out how to make a career out of my passion.

I’ve got a lot of cool things planned.  New crafts to debut, new topics to explore.  I hope you’ll take this journey with me.  I hope you’ll offer any ideas or encouragements.  I hope that you’ll think of me for your next blanket you’d wish to purchase.  🙂

If you can bear with me… this first week will be filled with links to products that I’m launching on my Etsy page.  It will seem like a lot of promotion, and it will be.  However, after we get all of that out of the way first we can jump into fun topics and discussing new techniques (and maybe talk a little about how great Charleston is and perhaps my love of Big Brother, the trashy reality show).

Well, thanks for reading the whole way through.  I’m really excited, and I tend to over explain when I’m excited.

Happy crafting!


What’s On My Needles Now?

Well, I have a lot on my various needles.  I seem to have a problem with finishing my projects.  I’ll start a new one before I finish an old one.  I cleaned up my yarn room (yes, I have a room dedicated to my crafts – I have a serious yarn problem) and found around 10 unfinished projects.  I’m not even sure who these projects were intended for.  Hopefully I gave them another gift instead of an IOU.

Hello, I’m Jackie and I have an addiction to new projects.  It’s been 3 days since I started my last project.  **Hi Jackie**

I think I get into a project, and while I’m working that one, I am thinking of the next one… so I go ahead and start that second one to see what it would look like.  That scenario plays out over and over until I have a yarn room that’s split in two: one side with unfinished projects and one side with yarn for potential projects.  I’ve vowed to not start a new one until I get all of my unfinished projects done.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

So… dear reader, am I alone in this?  Surely I can’t be.  Surely there are others that have PhDs (projects half done – not sure who coined that, but I like it!).  If there are others like me, how do you cope?  OR, a better question, how do you keep your husband or wife from being irritated with a brand new project while others sit waiting to be done?