What’s On My Needles Now?

Well, I have a lot on my various needles.  I seem to have a problem with finishing my projects.  I’ll start a new one before I finish an old one.  I cleaned up my yarn room (yes, I have a room dedicated to my crafts – I have a serious yarn problem) and found around 10 unfinished projects.  I’m not even sure who these projects were intended for.  Hopefully I gave them another gift instead of an IOU.

Hello, I’m Jackie and I have an addiction to new projects.  It’s been 3 days since I started my last project.  **Hi Jackie**

I think I get into a project, and while I’m working that one, I am thinking of the next one… so I go ahead and start that second one to see what it would look like.  That scenario plays out over and over until I have a yarn room that’s split in two: one side with unfinished projects and one side with yarn for potential projects.  I’ve vowed to not start a new one until I get all of my unfinished projects done.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

So… dear reader, am I alone in this?  Surely I can’t be.  Surely there are others that have PhDs (projects half done – not sure who coined that, but I like it!).  If there are others like me, how do you cope?  OR, a better question, how do you keep your husband or wife from being irritated with a brand new project while others sit waiting to be done?


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