Some scarves I’ve been working on….

So I’ve been busy knitting and crocheting scarves.  Well,busy with other projects, but I’m going to show off the scarves today!

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve completed recently:

7.14.15 stono purls 031 7.14.15 stono purls 027 This is a lovely crochet scarf in teal and gray/silver.  The cool checkerboard pattern is called entrelac tunisian crochet.  I’ve made blankets with this pattern, and it’s always turned out so beautiful.

7.14.15 stono purls 040 7.14.15 stono purls 044 This is a very light and airy crochet shell scarf.  It’s light enough that it would work in your wardrobe in spring or summer!

imported 7.8.15 599 imported 7.8.15 591  These are two super soft knitted scarves.  I love the basket-weave pattern, it’s reversible and quite stylish.  You can find these on my Etsy page:  Colorful Basket Weave Scarf and Black Basket Weave Scarf.

So what do you have on your needles?


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