Plans for this week

Okay – I’m going to make blogging a priority for Stono Purls.  I can’t think of a better way to connect with my audience than this website and Facebook.  (Found Here on Facebook)

So I’m going to write up a little to-do list and see if I stick to it since it’s written down.

Monday – Shrugs

Tuesday – Monogrammed Baby Blankets, Throw Blankets

Wednesday – Scarves (crochet, knit, and sewn)

Thursday – Customized, Unique T-Shirts

Friday – Misc – this will be just about anything I think of by the time Friday rolls around… missing football, Big Brother 17 (who got evicted..spoiler, I think it will be Audrey, check out Big Brother Network if you’re confused), how hot it is right now in Charleston, and the kids have started swimming lessons….I’m sure a funny story will come of that.  Just about anything.  🙂

One down – 4 more to go!  🙂


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