I’ve been working on shrugs this weekend.

Shrugs are cute… they are like a scarf/vest/shawl type thing.  It isn’t really cool enough in Charleston, SC right now to wear one out of the house (except in the below pics – which I wasn’t out long in this shrug)… but soon it will be cool enough to wear it.  It’s light, so it can be a little warm and still be fine (but not July or August down south warm)… it’s also warm enough that this will be a nice layer for warmth in the winter.

It’s way more comfortable than I had imagined it would be.  Here’s a pic of me wearing my first one.  The one I’m modeling is sized small, but I have sizes that range from XS to 5X!!

11040855_510794689072654_2853130041343036807_n 15903_510794685739321_9163799182135839840_n

Cute, right?  I can’t wait to offer these for sale on my site.

I’m thinking of making these is multicolor… like Orange and Purple for the Clemson fans and Garnet and Black for Gamecock fans.  This would be perfect for football weather.

BTW – can football season get here a little faster, please?  I found a football game on Direct TV this weekend from 2014 and was in heaven.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of off season.


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