Blankets, Blankets, Blankets!

There are lots of different kinds of blankets out there.  We have throws that you might have on the back of a couch to curl up with to watch a movie.  We have comforters, afghans, and baby blankets.  Oh don’t get me started on baby blankets… (okay, okay – you twisted my arm).  There are lovies, crib blankets, stroller blankets, receiving blankets – pretty much all shapes and sizes.

I like making blankets the most out of everything I create.  I like how useful they are.  I like how comforting they can be.  I like how excited parents-to-be are when they imagine their little ones wrapped up in something I created.  I’m not sure if it’s ever happened, but when I make them, I imagine that these will be security blankets that they carry around for years.  Perhaps something to give their own children.  (okay – I know THAT last part hasn’t happened because I’ve only been doing this for a few years, not decades).

Anyway – Here are some blankets I’ve made over the years:

This is a lighthouse blanket I made.  It is around the size of a twin bed.  The picture shows it almost complete, I still had to weave in some ends on the back at the time I took this picture.


This is a monogrammed blanket that I made for a baby of a lady in AKA sorority (see the pink and green).  🙂  It’s a crib blanket size.


My personal favorite:  Jim Morrison blanket.  This thing was huge!  It’s fit perfectly on a full size bed.  It was super soft and quite warm.  It had some heft to it too!


The next blanket I have to show is actually for sale.  Dream is  ($150).


This was made with a little girl in mind – but really, it would be nice for anyone.  It’s a good size throw and would work well over the back of a couch to decorate a living room or bedroom.

imported 7.8.15 614 “Pattern by Hookaholic Pattern Shop –

This is actually one that’s ready to ship.  However, I do take special orders if you’d like 2 other colors.  Please allow 3 weeks for creation.  The special order is the same price as well!

Another custom blanket I can make with any colors you would like is an initial blanket.  It’s really a little stroller blanket.

Here is one that’s no longer for sale, but is a good example of one:

DSCN0898“Pattern by Hookaholic Pattern Shop –

Hey look! It’s the same colors.  🙂  These initial blankets are $70.

I really love the personalized blankies for little babies.  It just seems to make them even more special.

Well – those are some of the blankets I’ve made…. I hope you enjoyed checking them out!


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