So Many Scarves

So there are lots of ways to make scarves.  I make, generally, 3 kinds: knitted, crocheted, and sewn.  All are fun to make and each scarf seems to have it’s own personality.

Here are some that I have around my house (for sale!) that I’d like to show you.


imported 7.8.15 591  imported 7.8.15 599  These two are knitted in basketweave and really look great!  They are warm and long enough to wrap around you a few times.  Knitted scarves probably take the most time for me to create.  I love knitting, but I’m not a speed knitter.  **Speed knitting will be a topic I tackle next week.

colorful scarf   This one is a cable scarf that was knitted with multicolored yarn.  It’s light but very warm.  I just love how cables look on a scarf.  The first scarf I ever made as a gift was a cable knit scarf (for my mother-in-law!).  🙂


7.14.15 stono purls 044 7.14.15 stono purls 040This one is a cute shell crochet scarf.  Its very light, very soft and really cool looking.  I crochet a lot faster than I knit, but it still takes some time.  I love taking a crochet stitch pattern (even for a blanket or wash cloth) and transforming it into a pattern for a scarf.  Some patterns I have to reverse in order to work them because I’m left handed and most are written for a right handed person.  Most patterns are reversible and I don’t have to bother changing.

7.14.15 stono purls 027 7.14.15 stono purls 031  This one is called entrelac tunisian crochet, I read somewhere that it means interlace in french (you connect the blocks as you make them) but I can’t find that anywhere now… so that might not be right.  I LOVE making this pattern.  Blankets done this way look really cool!  I’m thinking of using this pattern in red and black and creating a checkerboard.  Neato!

**side note on this…. these 2 pictures are clearly different colors.  These are actually the same scarf.  It’s actually teal and gray.  It’s difficult to show true color to a customer, but I like to take my photos outside to use natural sunlight to get as close to the real color as possible.  Weird, right?


I like to also sew infinity scarves.  This is one I made today to show off a sewn scarf.

20150722_180439  Sewn infinity scarves (the way I make them) are VERY lightweight and are more for fashion than for warmth.  I wouldn’t wear this out now, but even in September, when it’s still pretty warm in Charleston, this would be fine to wear without being a sweaty mess.  I like using lightweight cotton for these – with so many patterns of fabric to choose from you can really make one to match any outfit.

Well, I hope you liked the post on scarves… this is just the tip of the iceberg here.  There are so many scarves out there (and that I’ve made too) that I haven’t even touched on.  Seriously – there are more than I can even process in my little head.  If you see any that you like, but you’d like it in a different color or fiber let me know… I LOVE custom work!


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