Unique, Customized T-Shirts!

Okay – this is a fun one!  If you get some stencils, a t-shirt, a spray bottle of bleach and a water source (your kitchen sink or  a bucket do nicely) then you can create a unique t-shirt.

I have many for sale and many that I’ve created just to wear.  I have one that says “Happy Birthday Grandpa!” that I wore to his 75th birthday party and one that says “Welcome Baby Kailee” that I wore to my cousin’s baby shower.  They are fun to make.

The darker the t-shirt, the better it will come out.  First you wash and dry the shirt.  Then you apply the stencil.  You can use a vinyl stencil that you cut using a machine made for that, you can use masking tape to make designs, you can purchase stencils that will adhere to the shirt, you can even cut out designs and use freezer paper that you iron down to make a stencil.  Remember – you’re adding the stencil over what you DON’T want bleached.  Everything you spray will bleach, but the bleach can’t get under the stencil (although I guess it could bleed under if it left on too long).

20150723_172705  Stencil added

Next you take your spray bottle that’s 50% bleach and 50% water and spray the area around the stencil.  You can spray the whole shirt if you want, or just the stencil area.  Go crazy, this is unique to you!

You’ll see the bleach take effect and when you get it to the color you want it – dunk it really fast in the bucket or sink full of water.  You can add vinegar to the water to make sure you stop the bleaching action.  I don’t use vinegar, but I have before and it works well…but I think just water works just as well.  Use your best judgement there.

20150723_172821  Sprayed – this is after about 30 or so seconds

Alright – that looks good – I dunked it after this part.  Now – all you do is wash and dry it again and it’s all set to wear!

Here are a few that I made.  Some are to sell, some are for me because I think they are cool.  🙂


7.14.15 stono purls 015 7.14.15 stono purls 002 DSCN0915 DSCN0978 DSCN0983

If you’d like a shirt for yourself or for a gift, let me know!  Since they are made one at a time, it can really say anything you’d like with any picture you provide (as long as it can be made into a stencil).  You can have his and hers shirts – you can have a family gathering shirt – you can have brother, sister shirts – team shirts – bridal party shirts… the list really goes on and on.

Thanks for reading!

Oh – and that shirt I made to demonstrate the process… here is it!

20150723_181040  Fresh out of the washer… once dried I’m going to give it a photo shoot and put it up for sale!


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