Swimming, Big Brother, and Football

Alright – so this one was supposed to be just whatever… no real set topic.  Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking this week:

1.  Swimming lessons are hard to watch when you’re a parent that can’t swim and you realize that you passed on your phobia of the water.  So we’re going to rewind the lessons this weekend and slow it back down and get him comfortable with getting IN the water.  He started off brave but as the days went on, his fear got stronger and stronger.  **Fingers crossed that this weekend we can help him overcome this fear – or at least lessen it.

2.  Big Brother needs help in casting house guests.  This week we saw the house guest that nobody liked from week one (!) FINALLY get on the block and threatened with eviction and she had a melt-down.  She broke the rules, just barely didn’t self evict, and completely withdrew from the game.  What saved her from eviction before now is no one wanted to be the head of household that was responsible for getting the first trans-gendered player out.  However, no one really seemed to care about that when they ALL rallied together to say they would vote to evict her.  I’m happy to see someone like that gone – I mean, really, if you aren’t going to play honestly (she was breaking the rules when others decided she couldn’t be trusted) and you withdraw from the game, you shouldn’t be there…. but I wonder how boring the live feeds will be now.  We’ll see.  All I can say about BB right now is if you aren’t watching, you’re missing out on JohnnyMac and his comedy gold in the diary room.

3.  Football season:  What can I say?  I want to start cheering for Clemson and the Steelers NOW.  Can’t it get here a little faster, please?  **Sings “Tiger Rag”….

Okay – I really liked having the to-do list with my blog for the week, so I’ll ponder this weekend for topics for next week.  If there is anything you’d like me to specifically cover, leave a comment here or email me at StonoPurls@gmail.com

Have a great weekend!


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