Why Buy Handmade?


I’m not sure who created that pic, otherwise I’d love to credit them… but they have hit the nail on the head.  🙂

When you buy handmade, you are buying the item plus all the love and hours gone into making that item.  Why make a sweater when you can buy one at WalMart or Target for half the price or even cheaper?  Well….those are quickly made in bulk.  Love, passion, and creativity didn’t go into making those items.  Handmade is unique, one of a kind.  If you have a flaw, it’s called character.  What I like about what I sell is I start off thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this?”  Then I make it…. and hope that others find it cool too!

You really get higher quality when you buy handmade.  I remember when my friend, also named Jackie (who is one of the best knitters in Scotland, in my opinion), explained that she only gives gifts that she created because it’s “top quality, the best”.  And she’s right.  This has me thinking about my own gift giving…

This Christmas, I will only give gifts that were handmade.  Either I will make them, or I’ll purchase from other hand makers.  If I’m giving a loved one a gift I will make sure that the #1 ingredient is LOVE.  If you’d like to make that pact as well, let me know… I’d love to hear all about the support for small businesses.  It really is a great thing to do.


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