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Happy Friday!

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What gets you motivated to jump right in and get to work?  I really just need pretty yarn, and cool pattern and caffeine.  Oh, and a nice dose of Netflix…. Today, Supernatural season 3 is keeping me going.

I’m planning on working on this right through tonight.  Tomorrow my son has a Flag Football game at noon, so I don’t need to wake up too early.  Yay!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

And BTW,

My Process

What to Make

I start with picking out the perfect yarn.  I like to walk through a craft store (sometimes a huge retail store and sometimes a locally owned yarn store) and touch and feel the wide variety of fibers.  Usually I can imagine what each ball of yarn will be when it grows up.

I’ll usually purchase my favorite to use to make something I’ve imagined and something in purple and/or teal (I promise to write a whole blog on my obsession with this).  When I get home, I take out several needles (both knitting and crochet in various sizes).  I start out trying to make what I imagined.  Perhaps a crochet shell scarf, maybe a knitted watch cap.  Occasionally I’ll get it right on the first try.  Other times I have to rip out (or frog – rip it, rip it, rip it out) and start over.

I have a ball of soft, beautiful white sock yarn that I keep trying to make into a scarf.  It’s been a crocheted shell scarf, a knitted basket-weave scarf, a garter stitch scarf, a cable scarf…. currently it’s balled up about 2 feet away from me with a pile of needles at it’s side.

How to Make it

Once I figure out what yarn to use and what to make – it’s time to get going on my project.  I get bored sitting in silence with just my thoughts because my mind wanders a lot, and while I do make myself laugh (I think I’m one of the funniest people I know), I can’t stay focused on my fiber arts.

So I have discovered Netflix and NFL network.  I like to turn Netflix on and watch something I’ve seen many times so I don’t have to actually watch the TV to know what’s going on.  Currently my lineup is Supernatural, Psych, Parks and Rec, Dr. Who (although it left Netflix today in the US) and the Guild (darn, it left today too!).

I like watching football games and listening to NFL network.  I can listen to the commentary of the various shows on NFL without having to watch and I can watch a football game and follow it just by listening (provided the commentators are pretty good).  I know to look up when they sound excited about what they just saw.  Go Steelers, Go Clemson Tigers, Go Panthers, and (for my son) Go Texans.  I record most games on Sunday (during the season that is… I’m sad it’s almost over) and watch them during the week.  Even if it’s not my beloved Steelers, I’ll watch because sometimes good football is just good football.  I have my favorite teams, but I also have my favorite players that may not be on those teams, usually Clemson alum – but not always, that I like to watch as often as I can.  Hey Sammy Watkins, Deandre Hopkins, Andre Ellington, Martavis Bryant, Gronk and JJ Watt… I’m looking at you!


Sort of Apology

Sorry!  I did not mean for this to turn into a football love fest… but there you have it.  I LOVE football and fan-girl a lot of shows on Netflix… if you know me in person, you already know this because I talk about it A LOT.  It’s great to be able to do what you love (fan-girl, watch football, create something beautiful) and hopefully make a little money doing it.