Gifts for Babies!

My favorite things to make are things for babies.  The idea of a little one cuddled up and feeling safe and comfy in something I made just makes me feel so happy.

My favorites are, of course, baby blankets.  I always hope that they become security blankets.  There is really an unlimited supply of ideas for baby blankets.  You can go for your standard baby blanket patterns, convert a wash cloth pattern to be bigger, a big blanket pattern to be smaller, or use a scarf pattern over and over to make a blanket.  You can put pics or words in them.  You can crochet, knit or sew them.  I prefer crocheting, but really… if it’s made with love, you can’t go wrong.

20150131_102838-1 DSCN0898

Hats and bibs are another big hit.  Bibs, knitted with durable cotton, can be as elaborate or basic as you wish.  And, as all parents know, are very useful.  Hats?  Oh my goodness…. hats that are made for adults, but redone for babies are the cutest hats EVER!  I love making little sun hats for little girls or beanies for little boys… but really who does’t love a little baby in any cute hat?  I need to figure out how to make a fedora for a little one… that may be one I need to make NOW!  I’ll add pics when I’ve made that, because I’m going to want to share that.

I’m still learning to make socks, but I need to keep practicing that because I really like covering up feet and handmade socks are the perfect, comfy way to do that.  🙂

I really love the idea that something I make is special enough to be loved by a little one or even passed down to their kids.

I’m going to be putting up some items on my site that are perfect gifts for babies.  I hope you’ll check it out!   I’ll update here when they are available to check out.  🙂


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