To-Do List 7/27

Okay – to keep me on track, I’ve added another to-do list.  Oh, how I love lists.  🙂  I like calendars too!  These are the topics I plan on for this week.  I hope you’re excited to read the site this week… I’m excited to talk about Fiber Arts.

Monday – To-Do List

Tuesday – Gifts for babies

Wednesday – Why buy handmade?

Thursday – Hats!

Friday – Misc (I really liked this idea)

**Side note… I spoke on Friday about how hard it was to watch my son at swimming lessons because of the water phobia I passed down to him.  Well, today it was hard to not be the loud obnoxious parent cheering for my kid when he showed just how brave he was.  🙂  I spent some mommy/son time this weekend at the Rec Center’s pool and at the pool of a dear family friend and he really found his confidence and comfort in the water.


Swimming, Big Brother, and Football

Alright – so this one was supposed to be just whatever… no real set topic.  Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking this week:

1.  Swimming lessons are hard to watch when you’re a parent that can’t swim and you realize that you passed on your phobia of the water.  So we’re going to rewind the lessons this weekend and slow it back down and get him comfortable with getting IN the water.  He started off brave but as the days went on, his fear got stronger and stronger.  **Fingers crossed that this weekend we can help him overcome this fear – or at least lessen it.

2.  Big Brother needs help in casting house guests.  This week we saw the house guest that nobody liked from week one (!) FINALLY get on the block and threatened with eviction and she had a melt-down.  She broke the rules, just barely didn’t self evict, and completely withdrew from the game.  What saved her from eviction before now is no one wanted to be the head of household that was responsible for getting the first trans-gendered player out.  However, no one really seemed to care about that when they ALL rallied together to say they would vote to evict her.  I’m happy to see someone like that gone – I mean, really, if you aren’t going to play honestly (she was breaking the rules when others decided she couldn’t be trusted) and you withdraw from the game, you shouldn’t be there…. but I wonder how boring the live feeds will be now.  We’ll see.  All I can say about BB right now is if you aren’t watching, you’re missing out on JohnnyMac and his comedy gold in the diary room.

3.  Football season:  What can I say?  I want to start cheering for Clemson and the Steelers NOW.  Can’t it get here a little faster, please?  **Sings “Tiger Rag”….

Okay – I really liked having the to-do list with my blog for the week, so I’ll ponder this weekend for topics for next week.  If there is anything you’d like me to specifically cover, leave a comment here or email me at

Have a great weekend!

Unique, Customized T-Shirts!

Okay – this is a fun one!  If you get some stencils, a t-shirt, a spray bottle of bleach and a water source (your kitchen sink or  a bucket do nicely) then you can create a unique t-shirt.

I have many for sale and many that I’ve created just to wear.  I have one that says “Happy Birthday Grandpa!” that I wore to his 75th birthday party and one that says “Welcome Baby Kailee” that I wore to my cousin’s baby shower.  They are fun to make.

The darker the t-shirt, the better it will come out.  First you wash and dry the shirt.  Then you apply the stencil.  You can use a vinyl stencil that you cut using a machine made for that, you can use masking tape to make designs, you can purchase stencils that will adhere to the shirt, you can even cut out designs and use freezer paper that you iron down to make a stencil.  Remember – you’re adding the stencil over what you DON’T want bleached.  Everything you spray will bleach, but the bleach can’t get under the stencil (although I guess it could bleed under if it left on too long).

20150723_172705  Stencil added

Next you take your spray bottle that’s 50% bleach and 50% water and spray the area around the stencil.  You can spray the whole shirt if you want, or just the stencil area.  Go crazy, this is unique to you!

You’ll see the bleach take effect and when you get it to the color you want it – dunk it really fast in the bucket or sink full of water.  You can add vinegar to the water to make sure you stop the bleaching action.  I don’t use vinegar, but I have before and it works well…but I think just water works just as well.  Use your best judgement there.

20150723_172821  Sprayed – this is after about 30 or so seconds

Alright – that looks good – I dunked it after this part.  Now – all you do is wash and dry it again and it’s all set to wear!

Here are a few that I made.  Some are to sell, some are for me because I think they are cool.  🙂


7.14.15 stono purls 015 7.14.15 stono purls 002 DSCN0915 DSCN0978 DSCN0983

If you’d like a shirt for yourself or for a gift, let me know!  Since they are made one at a time, it can really say anything you’d like with any picture you provide (as long as it can be made into a stencil).  You can have his and hers shirts – you can have a family gathering shirt – you can have brother, sister shirts – team shirts – bridal party shirts… the list really goes on and on.

Thanks for reading!

Oh – and that shirt I made to demonstrate the process… here is it!

20150723_181040  Fresh out of the washer… once dried I’m going to give it a photo shoot and put it up for sale!

So Many Scarves

So there are lots of ways to make scarves.  I make, generally, 3 kinds: knitted, crocheted, and sewn.  All are fun to make and each scarf seems to have it’s own personality.

Here are some that I have around my house (for sale!) that I’d like to show you.


imported 7.8.15 591  imported 7.8.15 599  These two are knitted in basketweave and really look great!  They are warm and long enough to wrap around you a few times.  Knitted scarves probably take the most time for me to create.  I love knitting, but I’m not a speed knitter.  **Speed knitting will be a topic I tackle next week.

colorful scarf   This one is a cable scarf that was knitted with multicolored yarn.  It’s light but very warm.  I just love how cables look on a scarf.  The first scarf I ever made as a gift was a cable knit scarf (for my mother-in-law!).  🙂


7.14.15 stono purls 044 7.14.15 stono purls 040This one is a cute shell crochet scarf.  Its very light, very soft and really cool looking.  I crochet a lot faster than I knit, but it still takes some time.  I love taking a crochet stitch pattern (even for a blanket or wash cloth) and transforming it into a pattern for a scarf.  Some patterns I have to reverse in order to work them because I’m left handed and most are written for a right handed person.  Most patterns are reversible and I don’t have to bother changing.

7.14.15 stono purls 027 7.14.15 stono purls 031  This one is called entrelac tunisian crochet, I read somewhere that it means interlace in french (you connect the blocks as you make them) but I can’t find that anywhere now… so that might not be right.  I LOVE making this pattern.  Blankets done this way look really cool!  I’m thinking of using this pattern in red and black and creating a checkerboard.  Neato!

**side note on this…. these 2 pictures are clearly different colors.  These are actually the same scarf.  It’s actually teal and gray.  It’s difficult to show true color to a customer, but I like to take my photos outside to use natural sunlight to get as close to the real color as possible.  Weird, right?


I like to also sew infinity scarves.  This is one I made today to show off a sewn scarf.

20150722_180439  Sewn infinity scarves (the way I make them) are VERY lightweight and are more for fashion than for warmth.  I wouldn’t wear this out now, but even in September, when it’s still pretty warm in Charleston, this would be fine to wear without being a sweaty mess.  I like using lightweight cotton for these – with so many patterns of fabric to choose from you can really make one to match any outfit.

Well, I hope you liked the post on scarves… this is just the tip of the iceberg here.  There are so many scarves out there (and that I’ve made too) that I haven’t even touched on.  Seriously – there are more than I can even process in my little head.  If you see any that you like, but you’d like it in a different color or fiber let me know… I LOVE custom work!

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets!

There are lots of different kinds of blankets out there.  We have throws that you might have on the back of a couch to curl up with to watch a movie.  We have comforters, afghans, and baby blankets.  Oh don’t get me started on baby blankets… (okay, okay – you twisted my arm).  There are lovies, crib blankets, stroller blankets, receiving blankets – pretty much all shapes and sizes.

I like making blankets the most out of everything I create.  I like how useful they are.  I like how comforting they can be.  I like how excited parents-to-be are when they imagine their little ones wrapped up in something I created.  I’m not sure if it’s ever happened, but when I make them, I imagine that these will be security blankets that they carry around for years.  Perhaps something to give their own children.  (okay – I know THAT last part hasn’t happened because I’ve only been doing this for a few years, not decades).

Anyway – Here are some blankets I’ve made over the years:

This is a lighthouse blanket I made.  It is around the size of a twin bed.  The picture shows it almost complete, I still had to weave in some ends on the back at the time I took this picture.


This is a monogrammed blanket that I made for a baby of a lady in AKA sorority (see the pink and green).  🙂  It’s a crib blanket size.


My personal favorite:  Jim Morrison blanket.  This thing was huge!  It’s fit perfectly on a full size bed.  It was super soft and quite warm.  It had some heft to it too!


The next blanket I have to show is actually for sale.  Dream is  ($150).


This was made with a little girl in mind – but really, it would be nice for anyone.  It’s a good size throw and would work well over the back of a couch to decorate a living room or bedroom.

imported 7.8.15 614 “Pattern by Hookaholic Pattern Shop –

This is actually one that’s ready to ship.  However, I do take special orders if you’d like 2 other colors.  Please allow 3 weeks for creation.  The special order is the same price as well!

Another custom blanket I can make with any colors you would like is an initial blanket.  It’s really a little stroller blanket.

Here is one that’s no longer for sale, but is a good example of one:

DSCN0898“Pattern by Hookaholic Pattern Shop –

Hey look! It’s the same colors.  🙂  These initial blankets are $70.

I really love the personalized blankies for little babies.  It just seems to make them even more special.

Well – those are some of the blankets I’ve made…. I hope you enjoyed checking them out!

Plans for this week

Okay – I’m going to make blogging a priority for Stono Purls.  I can’t think of a better way to connect with my audience than this website and Facebook.  (Found Here on Facebook)

So I’m going to write up a little to-do list and see if I stick to it since it’s written down.

Monday – Shrugs

Tuesday – Monogrammed Baby Blankets, Throw Blankets

Wednesday – Scarves (crochet, knit, and sewn)

Thursday – Customized, Unique T-Shirts

Friday – Misc – this will be just about anything I think of by the time Friday rolls around… missing football, Big Brother 17 (who got evicted..spoiler, I think it will be Audrey, check out Big Brother Network if you’re confused), how hot it is right now in Charleston, and the kids have started swimming lessons….I’m sure a funny story will come of that.  Just about anything.  🙂

One down – 4 more to go!  🙂


I’ve been working on shrugs this weekend.

Shrugs are cute… they are like a scarf/vest/shawl type thing.  It isn’t really cool enough in Charleston, SC right now to wear one out of the house (except in the below pics – which I wasn’t out long in this shrug)… but soon it will be cool enough to wear it.  It’s light, so it can be a little warm and still be fine (but not July or August down south warm)… it’s also warm enough that this will be a nice layer for warmth in the winter.

It’s way more comfortable than I had imagined it would be.  Here’s a pic of me wearing my first one.  The one I’m modeling is sized small, but I have sizes that range from XS to 5X!!

11040855_510794689072654_2853130041343036807_n 15903_510794685739321_9163799182135839840_n

Cute, right?  I can’t wait to offer these for sale on my site.

I’m thinking of making these is multicolor… like Orange and Purple for the Clemson fans and Garnet and Black for Gamecock fans.  This would be perfect for football weather.

BTW – can football season get here a little faster, please?  I found a football game on Direct TV this weekend from 2014 and was in heaven.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of off season.